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About the SDG 12 Hub

About the SDG 12 Hub

The SDG 12 Hub is a one-stop-shop for governments, businesses, civil society and the public for tracking progress on the achievement of Goal 12 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The SDG 12 Hub supports the transformation to sustainable consumption and production practices by offering direct access to transparent data, impactful solutions, guidance and official reporting all in one place, and facilitates the sharing of progress, knowledge and solutions for sustainable consumption and production.

For government officials

the SDG 12 Hub is your central location for reporting on SDG 12.

From here, you can:

  • view progress in your country and others;
  • report directly on your indicators through the official reporting systems;
  • find methodologies, guidance, and resources to support your reporting and implementation efforts; and
  • learn from others through exploring resources on policies, solutions, technical tools and best practices.

For businesses, civil society, the public and others

the SDG 12 Hub supports your contributions toward SDG 12.

From here, you can:

  • find data on the progress towards SDG 12 and sustainable consumption and construction across countries and globally;
  •  access national policies; and;
  • understand how each country is engaging with sustainable practices.

You can also:

  • seek inspiration from the solutions database;
  • learn from others across the world; and
  • find support through guidance and technical tools for your own sustainable consumption and production efforts in the Explore Action section.

Raise the profile of SDG 12 and Encourage Implementation

The purpose of the SDG 12 Hub is to raise the profile of Goal 12 on ensuring sustainable consumption and production and thereby to encourage its implementation and reporting by Member States. This is especially necessary for SDG 12 because, despite the potential of sustainable consumption and production to contribute to the broader of achievement of the 2030 Agenda, progress on this goal has been slow. Goal 12 on ensuring sustainable consumption and production also remains the least funded of the SDGs and there is a lack of data on the progress of SCP and SDG 12 at national level.

Streamline and Simplify Reporting Processes for Member States

The purpose of the SDG 12 Hub is also to streamline and simplify the reporting process for Member States. As Sustainable Consumption and Production was not part of the previous Millennium Development Goals, there were few internationally agreed upon methodologies and monitoring frameworks at the time of establishing the 2030 Agenda. Measuring progress on Sustainable Consumption and Production through internationally-agreed-upon methodologies was, relative to other SDGs, new to both UN Agencies and national governments. As such, new methodologies have had to be put in place for many of the indicators under SDG 12 since the adoption of Agenda 2030. The SDG 12 Hub supports collaboration across custodian agencies, while preventing duplication of data collection and coordinating multiple reporting processes and data flows.

Inform Voluntary National Reviews and national policy interventions

Offering a complete overview of global, regional and national data and policies across SDG 12 targets and indicators, the SDG 12 Hub can support national governments in the development of their Voluntary National Reviews. Reporting across the SDG 12 indicators covers a range of ministries and national entities, offering a consolidated view of national action on sustainable consumption and production. Additionally, by linking to existing knowledge platforms, databases, online tools and resources, including policy repositories, the SDG 12 Hub may serve as a toolbox for development of national policy interventions.