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Inter-Agency tools for SDG 12 Support and Action

UN-wide Capacity Building Platform

This Capacity Building Platform for SDG12 aims to mainstream SCP and circularity across regions and countries, especially in developing nations. UN-wide tools are integrated in the SDG12 Hub to facilitate an easy access of key stakeholders from the UN Development System and other actors. This repository of tools range from e-courses, standards, coaching programmes, analytical methods and more comprehensive toolkits on SCP developed by different UN Agencies, across value chains, policy stages and high-impact sectors. The selection of tools follows a concrete methodology defined by UN Agencies, so that these support concrete interventions to mainstream SCP, following inclusive and systemic approaches, and that are applicable across different countries. Use case examples are also integrated. Inter-agency projects developed by the Alliance will be also showcased on the SDG12 Hub.

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The capacity building mechanism, while it can support different actors that want to gain knowledge in SCP, it is intended to support Resident Coordinators, UN country teams and governments, thereby achieving a coordinated and coherent approach.

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